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The Future Of Chilled Fruit Storage

  • Here at Orchard Cooling we use our wealth of knowledge and experience in all fields to help you from the ground up to build and maintain your fruit storage facilities. We specialise in chilled and controlled atmosphere storage for all your growing needs. We can provide maintenance and service so you are never left in the dark when keeping your produce chilled is a priority.


Experience Counts

Supermarkets want their suppliers to be energy efficient and this benefits you in lower running costs for your plant

We specialise in energy efficient cooling plant, whether that be a single coldstore or a large build comprising controlled atmosphere storage with despatch and packhouse facilities.

We offer refrigeration installations including all aspects of the electrical install, and on completion of your project we then provide warranty, maintenance, & service backup.

All other aspects of your build can also be professionally undertaken by our close contacts within the industry.


Secondary Refrigeration

As the name suggests secondary systems usually use a liquid refrigerant, which is used to transfer heat from the substance being cooled to a heat exchanger where the heat is absorbed by a primary refrigerant.


Food Safe Glycol

Detoxified Ethylene Glycol

With secondary refrigeration now being used in many new projects the benefits of ethylene glycol over previous propylene glycol represents a major improvement in the coefficient of performance(CoP). This high efficient non toxic secondary refrigerant for process cooling & AC systems has proven scale and biological inhibitors and is being used by ourselves in all of our secondary systems.


Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

R1270 and R290

With the ever increasing costs and availability of HFC and HFO refrigerants due to the quota system and eventual phase down over the coming years, many of our customers are turning to more environmentally safe refrigerants. These are commonly known as natural refrigerants such as C02, Ammonia and of course Hydrocarbons which have nearly zero global warming potential and are not part of the FGAS regulations.

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Making Our World Better

Natural Refrigerants

By utilising natural refrigerants we are using substances that can be found naturally in our existing environment and so making our world a better place to live.

Energy Efficient Defrost

Recent Test Project Using Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pump Trial

Basic Principle

The usual approach of defrosting cooling coils using direct electric heaters to warm glycol on defrost was bothering us, as this probably accounts for nearly 30% of overall running costs based on using a 12KW heater for each cooler. 

So with our experience in this type of application we were able to design a defrost circuit capable of defrosting six C/A stores utilising one Air Source Heat Pump to replace the individual electric heaters. 

The system compared to a conventional electric heater setup is far more efficient and based on our calculations a saving in the region of 75% can be achieved by using our system. 

The COP (coefficient of performance) of a standard electric heater setup is 1 to 1, so for every 1 kw you put in you get  1 kw out, on a typical air source heat pump depending on ambient temperature the COP is around 1 to 5, so for every 1 kw in your getting 5 kw out.

Air source heat pumps, along with ground, and water source heat pumps will be widely used in the future in domestic and industrial applications to help lower our CO2 footprint.

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